How to remove sticky posts:

So I didn’t know how to remove a post that was stuck for about 6 months. I tried a few things every time. Or just ignored it. I just got tired of reading all the blogs AND ok, I got distracted a few bits too.  Until yesterday when I really decided to solve this, but then fell asleep.

After reading so many blogs, helpsections, FAQ’s etc. I finally stumbled upon a post this morning on WPBeginner. But here is the thing, I couldn’t find the section the post was referring to, although I was familiar with the interface that I saw in the video.

Scrolling down the comments (something you MUST always do, for more helpful hints from other users who might have the same issue) made my eyes focus immediately on the word WP ADMIN. Yeah, I know I know… WP Beginner is of course about the WP Admin, but I have never been on that site before so my brains were missing a link. 😉

Anyway, the original post, after rereading and watching the video, gives you all the basic info you need.

Click on this link to read the whole post and watch the video:

How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress





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