The Bouqet

The bouquet.
I wasn’t really enthusiastic about the tradition of catching it.

Sigh… yet another reminder that I am not married. And all aunts, uncles, cousins, even friends of my brother who immediately pointed my way when the time was there to catch it along with other single, unmarried women, to catch it.

And on top of that my sister-in-law and my brother (the newly weds) told me I must stand in line.

So there I was hoping she would aim to the other side. Lucky for me it went way over our heads and was caught by a distant cousin who is also a good friend of my brother. He caught it and the crowd died of laughter.

So the live band told my sister-in-law to take a next try. And she did. She looked my way and I knew what would happen.
She aimed right btw.
The bouquet “caught” my hand at the count of three. I froze right there in that split second and it dropped. I turned to it in horror. But luckily the girl behind me grabbed it from the floor the next second.

So here is the deal: If anyone watches the video. They will see what happened.

I am just counting on the fact that it all happened in just about 2-3 seconds and no one will ever know.

But the bouquet touched my hand. A visit to the restrooms and a glance in a mirror confirmed it. How? I still have all the glitters on my face and collarbone area. Cuz yep. I forgot to mention: it slammed against my nose, right cheek, chest too. Yes, that is how close the flowers caught my hand.

It will remain in my memory.

Those 2-3 seconds.

That one bouquet.


p.s. these pictures of the bouquet are pics of the original bouquet I am talking about. These are pics that I took when the bouquet was delivered along with the lil buttonholes/corsages.


Top Front view
Boutonnieres  / Corsages 

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