Vida’s Initial Work-out routine

Vital for Viola

My workout routine as of now lately consists of a bunch of Pilates / Yoga exercises, a few Tai Chi movements, and about everything I need to do as “homework” for my regular physiotherapy sessions.

The plan is to tell you a lil more about the reason why I see the physiotherapist regularly, but for now just keep in mind that I am diagnosed with the Hypermobility Syndrome (among others…). I frequently use my own hashtag #SincerelyHypermobile #SalutingThePain #InvisibleButChronic or more common i will just use: #HypermobilitySyndrome #HMS #BeingBrave

So, as I stated before, before I wandered of about HMS, I have a workout routine like many of you readers probably have. And if you don’t have one, believe me, it is very simple to come up with a plan. The whole entire internet is filled with fun plans, videos, descriptions, tutorials, routines, tips & tricks, you name it.

Seriously, you don’t…

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