I choose you (poem)

I choose you wholeheartedly
To forever be mine and I am yours

I choose you, even when…
…I still have so many question,
I choose you to help me find the answers.
…I still (unknowingly) make mistakes,
I choose you to stand by me and guide me.
…I still do not understand your moods,
I choose you with my typical attitude
…I still often interrupt you abruptly,
I choose you to have patience and finish your story.
I choose you!
Even when I am scared and I feel vulnerable.
I choose you to lovingly empower me.

I choose you, because…
… I feel loved, safe and protected,
Whenever I feel your presence.
… I am home and at ease,
Everytime your arms hold me close.
… I only have to look at you, asleep, awake,
and my heart bursts and grows warmer.
… I just have to see your smile,
And I can feel the energy flow.
…I close my eyes and think of you,
to hear your voice and feel your touch.

I choose you, even when
… I am still curious why you love me so.
I choose you, simply because
… I love you back.
I choose you now!
…and I will choose you again and again.

Jan 11, 2017


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