Sincerely Hypermobile

Having hypermobile joints can both be a blessing and a curse.

I can do so much to let it stay away from being a curse, but I frequently tend to forget that I have to slow down and rest more.

Cuz when I am up and running, I feel good and if I can achieve to just make a couple of people smile for that day, I feel better and and I forget about the pain and own needs. Yes, tricky and dangerous combination. And no wonder I end up feeling lost and I end up in arguments with those who love me.

It wasn’t my intention to hurt them or make them worry too much.

I just need a plan and someone to guide me and help me make sure that I don’t forget. But I am not an adolescent anymore. I need to take care of it myself.  Even if I wake up with a lower back pain and not sure if i can move or not. I still need to stick to my plan and not give up. So, I guess I am on my own on this.  I will solve this by putting it into a spreadsheet…

I am my own project now. And the goal is: to make myself healthier and happier and keep it that way.

Inputs:  All that i have learned, all the love i receive, determined mind, my promises that i often have broken when it comes to my health, but now i will keep them, etc
Outputs: …
Outcome: …



Beighton-Scale on Hypermobility
Beighton-Scale on Hypermobility

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